A Duel Disk (デュエルディスク Dyueru Disuku) is a piece of Dueling equipment attached to the left forearm within the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise. They use a portable hologram generator to display Duel Monsters cards and in the case of the Mark 1, the player's hand. Cards that are played are placed on the Duel Disk's blade. Since their introduction in the anime and manga, they have become a fundamental necessity among Duelists.

General Details

The main body of the Disk retains the touch screen and single Magic and Trap Card Zone seen in D-Pads, while the Monster Card Zones and Pendulum Zones are located on the arm blade is composed of energy (likely the same "touchable Solid Vision" used in Action Duels) and is aligned parallel to the main body of the Disk. It is notably much lighter due to the streamlined body and virtually weightless Monster Card Zone. This enables duelists to run and jump without difficulties during Action Duels.

When it is used in conjunction with a larger Solid Vision Projector, and if that projector is damaged, the holograms disappear. However, normal Duels can occur without the use of a Solid Vision Projector.[1]


An example of a Duel Disk's screen during a Duel. Life Points and Turn Counters can be seen at the top of the screen, and the Magic & Trap Zones on the bottom. Also, by tapping on the word "Enemy", the user can look at their opponent's field.

If the user has no idea which card(s) he or she should pick, the duel disk generate a picture of those available cards on the screen, the user can swipe between those cards to pick card(s) he/she wants. In addition, players can use the touch screen to check the contents of their Extra Deck.[2] Other details, such as Opponent's field and Graveyard, can also be checked.


An example of a Duel Disk's screen when there are cards in the Pendulum Zones. The words "DUEL DISK" that were at the center are now replaced by "PENDULUM", and the Pendulum Zones appear aound it, lined in gold. In this image is also visible, onthe left, the button that visualizes the Extra Deck.

These Duel Disks are also multipurpose tools with internet and communication functions, similar to tablets in real life.[3] The hologram screens used to make video calls are also used to communicate with opponents from far across a Duel Field.[4]

The disks have Auto-Eject function. The card(s) chosen by an effect will automatically be ejected by the disk so the user can pick it out.


The blade can be customized to be either a straight parallelogram, a shape resembling the layout of a D-Pad's card zone, or resemble a sword. It is currently unknown how much it can be customized.

It seems possible that one could set their Duel Disks to generate various visual effects when certain actions are done. One such example is when drawing a card, colorful stars and streaks of light appear along the card's trail, as seen when Yūya draws.[5]


The App selection screen as seen on the Security Duel Disk.

Duel Disk Models from both the Fusion and Xyz Dimensions are fitted with devices that allow one to travel among the Four Dimensions and seal defeated opponents into cards.[6][7]

The Dimensional Travel function in standby as seen on Academia Duel Disk.

The Disks belonging to members of the Lancers have been modified to allow interdimensional travel (using Xyz Dimension technology as a reference) and initiate Action Duels without the need of a large Solid Vision Projector.[8][9]

Standard Dimension

The Standard Dimension disk is a rectangular model with angular blade. The Deck Zone, unlike other Duel Disks, is placed diagonally pointing towards the thumb rather then parallel to the sides of the disk, while the Extra Deck is placed in a similar direction towards the body on the back, and both zones are stored within the Duel Disk while it is deactivated. The Graveyard is behind the blade, facing away from the Duelist as it was in previous Duel Disks, while the Magic/Trap Zone is located on the opposite side of the disk. Before Leo Akaba reinvented the Solid Vision, the people of the Standard Dimension are seen using Duel Disks that greatly resemble the *KaibaCorp Duel Disk.[10][11]

The Deck Zone is stored within the Disk and unfolds when the Disk is activated (and like most Disks, the Deck Zone is on the top of the wrist). On the other side opposite of the Deck Zone is the Extra Deck Zone, a compartment where players store their Extra Deck into.

Information Image
Yūya Sakaki: Red body and yellow blade. Arc V Yuya Duel Disk.png
Noboru Gongenzaka: Gray body and orange blade. Arc V Gongenzaka Duel Disk.png
Yūshō Sakaki: Purple body and yellow blade. Arc V Yusho Duel Disk.png
Strong Ishijima/Gen Ankokuji: Black body and violet blade. Arc V Strong Ishijima Duel Disk.png
Yuzu Hīragi: Pink body and blade. Arc V Yuzu Duel Disk.png
Shingo Sawatari: Green body and blade. Arc V Shingo Duel Disk.png
Sora Shiun'in: Yellow body and blue blade. Arc V Sora Duel Disk.png
Shūzō Hīragi: Red body and green blade. Arc V Shuzo's Duel Disk.png
Hokuto Shijima: Purple body and blue blade. Arc V Hokuto Duel Disk.png
Tatsuya Yamashiro/Masumi Kōtsu: Blue body and orange blade. Arc V Masumi Duel Disk.png
Yaiba Tōdō: Orange body and green blade. Arc V Yaiba Duel Disk.png
Reiji Akaba: White body and red blade. The blade on Reiji's Disk is straight and forms an elongated rhombus. Arc V Reiji Duel Disk.png
Michio Mokota: White body and greenish-yellow blade. Arc V Michio Duel Disk.png
Tio: Yellow blade. Like Reiji's, the blade on Tio's Duel Disk is straight. Arc V Tio Duel Disk.png
Eita Kyuando: A shorter model with green body and blade. Arc V Eita Duel Disk.png
Mieru Hōchun: Light blue body and purple blade. Arc V Mieru Duel Disk.png
Futoshi Harada: Green body and yellow blade. Arc V Futoshi Duel Disk.png
Takeshi Shimizu: Red body and blue blade. Arc V Takeshi's Duel Disk.png
Ayu Ayukawa: Light blue body and pink blade. Arc V Ayu Duel Disk.png
Reira Akaba: White body and light green blade. Arc V Reira Duel Disk.png
Yūzō Tanegashima: Maroon body and blue blade. Arc V Yuzo Duel Disk.png
Isao Kachidoki: Dark yellow body and violet blade. Arc V Isao Duel Disk.png
Mikiyo Naname: Pink body and blue blade. Arc V Mikiyo Duel Disk.png
Olga: Grayish-green body and blue blade. Arc V Olga Duel Disk.png
Halil: Maroon body and green blade. Arc V Halil Duel Disk.png
Dennis Macfield: Dark blue body and red blade. Arc V Dennis Duel Disk.png
Makoto Takeda: Dark green body and orange blade. Arc V Makoto Duel Disk.png
Teppei Tairyōbata: Dark gray body and yellow blade. Arc V Teppei Duel Disk.png
Tsukikage: A left-handed model with gray body and violet blade. Arc V Tsukikage Duel Disk.png
Hikage: Gray body and purple blade. Arc V Hikage Duel Disk.png
Yōko Sakaki: White body and red blade. Arc V Yoko Duel Disk.png
Zarc: Red Body and yellow blade with a green claw at the end. The blade also has a irregular demonic shape. Arc V Zarc Duel Disk.png

Fusion Dimension


Hacking Mode function in standby as seen on Academia's Duel Disk.

An alternative model with a shield-like body and a sword-shaped blade. This Duel Disk has Human Sealing[12] and Interdimensional Travel Technology[13] and 'Hacking Mode' installed.[14] The Extra Deck is on the left side of the disk, away from the body, while the Graveyard slot is on the back of the Disk, opposite the Deck Zone. A slot on the side of the wrist ejects cards containing defeated opponents, which is also a Magic/Trap Zone.

Information Image
Serena: Pink body and blue blade. Arc V Serena Duel Disk.png
Barrett: Dark green body and orange blade. Arc V Barrett Duel Disk.png
Obelisk Force: White body and red blade. Arc V Obelisk Force Duel Disk.png
Sora Shiun'in: Yellow body and blue blade. Arc V Sora Academia Duel Disk.png
Yūri: Black body and violet blade. Arc V Yuri Duel Disk.png
Jean-Michel Roget: Violet body and blade with green trim. Arc V Roger Duel Disk.png
Juvenile Officers: White-trimmed purple body and violet blade. Arc V Juvenile Officers Duel Disk.png
Edo Phoenix: Dark blue-trimmed white body and blue blade with a yellow screen border. Arc V Edo Duel Disk.png
Grace Tyler: Indigo trimmed Violet body and blade. Grace's Duel Disk.png
Gloria Tyler: Indigo trimmed Pink body and Violet blade. Gloria's Duel Disk.png
Dennis Macfield: Dark blue-trimmed white body and red blade. Dennis' Academia Duel Disk.png
Isao Kachidoki: Black-trimmed dark yellow body and violet blade. Isao Academia Duel Disk.png
Captain Solo: Orange-trimmed yellow body and red blade. Captain Solo Duel Disk.png
Apollo: Orange trimmed red body and yellow blade. Apollo Duel Disk.png
Diana: Light blue-trimmed Blue body with light green blade. Diana Duel Disk.png
Rin: White Body Light Green Trim and violet Blade Rin Academia Duel Disk.png
Battle Beast: Red-trimmed green body and red blade. Battle Beast's Duel Disk.png
Ruri Kurosaki: Dark blue-trimmed white body and violet blade. Ruri Academia Duel Disk.png
Sanders: Black-trimmed red body and light green blade. Sanders Duel Disk.png
Asuka Tenjōin: Dark blue trimmed white body and blue blade. Asuka Academia Duel Disk.png
Leo Akaba: Yellow trimmed Puple body and Violet Blade. Leo Academia Duel Disk.png

You Show Duel School

The You Show Duel School's Disks' overall design is similarly reminiscent of the Academia Disk in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX. The difference is the colored borders covering the left and right slides, with the Graveyard slot aligned at the front border, as well as the "sword handle" on the end of the blade that is closest to the hand when active that is standard for all Fusion Dimension Disks. The tip of the sword blade is shaped like that of the Academia Disk, giving the blade an overall appearance of a scimitar.

Information Image
Asuka Tenjōin: Dark blue body and light blue blade. Arc V Asuka Duel Disk.png
You Show Student #1: Orange body and blade. You Show Student 1 Duel Disk.png
You Show Student #2: Orange body and light green blade. You Show Student 2 Duel Disk.png
You Show Student #3: Orange body and Yellow blade. You Show Student 3 Duel Disk.png
You Show Student #4 and #5: Orange body and light Blue blade. You Show Student 5 Duel Disk.png
Yūshō Sakaki: Purple body and yellow blade. Yūshō Fusion Duel Disk.png

Synchro Dimension

The Synchro Dimension's basic Duel Disk has a circular body with four laterally-placed slots (the bottom-right one being the Graveyard and the upper-left one the Extra Deck), a curved blade, and a small hourglass-shaped touchscreen.[15]

Alternative Models

Unlike other Dimensions, this one also has a number of alternative models. Many of them can be attached to a D-Wheel (for Riding Duels) and to a Wrist Dealer-like accessory carrying the Deck Zone (for normal Duels).

Information Image
Jack Atlas: An alternative model with white triangular body and blue angular blade. The screen is bigger, and the Deck Slot is located in the inner side of the device similar to how his 5D's version did. Arc V Jack Duel Disk.png
Security: Blue body and green blade. The screen is semi-circular. Arc V Security Duel Disk.png
Crow Hogan: A differently styled model with grey body and semi-circular orange blade. Arc V Crow Duel Disk.png
Sergey Volkov: Gold Trim, Blue Body and Red Blade Arc V Sergey's Duel Disk 2.png


The Facility stores a model that has slightly oblate body, round touchscreen, and an angular blade with pointy ends.[16] They seems to be used for prisoners who can bribe the guards in order to be allowed to Duel, but have also been seen on the streets of the City.

Information Image
Chojiro Tokumatsu: Green body and orange angular blade with sharpened ends. Arc V Chojiro Duel Disk.png
Yūya Sakaki (borrowed): A Facility model with green body and yellow blade. Arc V Yuya synchro Dimension Duel Disk.png
Underground Labor Facility Guards: Blue body, gold trim and Green Blade Arc V Underground Labor Facility Guard's Duel Disk.png
Shinji Weber: Blue Body and Orange Blade Arc V Shinji's Duel Disk 2.png
Gallager: A Facility model with Gold body encrusted with jewels and orange blade. Arc V Gallager's Duel Disk.png
Damon Lopez: Grey body, red trim and light green blade Damon's Duel Disk.png
Tony Simmons: Black body, orange trim and light green blade Tony's Duel Disk.png


The D-Wheel's Disk contains the Magic/Trap Zone in the bottom left slot, the Graveyard on the bottom right slot, and the Extra Deck in the upper left slot. So far, all of these disks have dark blue colored. The disk can be attached to the wrist dealer, and used like other duel disks.

Information Image
Yūgo: Double angular, symmetrical green blade. 

|Arc V Yugo Duel Disk.png

Yugo 117-7.png

Yūya Sakaki: Yellow blade. Arc V Yuya Synchro Dimension Duel Disk 2.png
Noboru Gongenzaka / Shinji Weber / Chojiro Tokumatsu (D-Wheel): Orange blade. Arc V Gongenzaka Synchro Duel Disk.png
Tsukikage Purple blade. Arc V Tsukikage Duel Disk 2.png
Yuzu Hīragi Pink blade. Arc V Yuzu's Synchro Dimension Duel Disk.png
Tony Simon: Green blade. Arc V Tony's Duel Disk.png
Shingo Sawatari: Lime green blade. Arc V Shingo's Synchro Dimension Duel Disk.png
Shun Kurosaki / Serena: Blue blade. Arc V Shun Synchro Dimension Duel Disk.png
Dennis Macfield: Blue body and red blade. Arc V Dennis Synchro Dimension Duel Disk.png
Sergey Volkov: Blue body and red symmetrical, angular blade. The outerside of the blade is indented. Arc V Sergey's Duel Disk.png

Xyz Dimension

The dimension's normal model has a white, irregular body and a blade that resembles the shape of a D-Pad's card zones viewed from above.

Information Image
Xyz Dimension's Resident: Green Blade. Normal Model Xyz Duel Disk.png
Kaito Tenjō (Past): Blue Blade. Kaito past Duel Disk.png
Ruri Kurosaki (Past): White body, pink trim and blue blade Ruri past Duel Disk.png
Sayaka Sasayama (Past): White body, orange trim and greenish-yellow Blade. Sayaka past Duel Disk.png
Yūshō Sakaki: White body and Yellow Blade. Yūshō Xyz Duel Disk.png


The Resistance Model has a similar but different body, a different Deck slot and a round touch screen, these models' body have an irregular shape, a different Deck slot and a smaller round touch screen. Both the Magic & Trap Zone and the Graveyard are located in the back of the rectangular section of the Disk. The Extra Deck slot is on the rectangular section, facing away from the user. The screen's mask can be popped up to be used as radar.[17] The disk require some times before initiating Duel Mode.[18] So far, all disks of Resistance Model has Purple Body.

Information Image
Yūto / Yūshō Sakaki: Purple blade. Yuuto's duel disk.png
Shun Kurosaki / Ruri Kurosaki: Blue blade. Shun's disk is installed with Human Sealing Technology, and is disabled when he joined the Lancers by Reiji Arc V Shun Duel Disk.png
Kaito Tenjō: Crystal shaped white body with crescent moon shaped blue blade. Installed with Humal Sealing Technology. Kaito's duel disk.png
Sayaka Sasayama: Greenish-yellow blade. Sayaka's Duel Disk.png
Allen Kōzuki: Orange blade. Allen's Duel Disk.png

Original Dimension

The Original Dimension Duel Disk is attached to the wrist of the Duelist via a wristband. Connected to the wristband is the Deck Zone, similar to a Wrist Dealer. The blade is curled with a pattern on each side.

Information Image
Zarc: Yellow blade Zarc Original duel disk.png
Leo Akaba: Purple blade Leo Original duel disk.png
Ray: Pink blade Ray 127-1.jpg


After the world is divided into 4 dimensions. The duel disks in the Standark Dimension is an old model used in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monster.


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